Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

A Debt to Pay, Part 2

Session 3

As Avir and Tizwik return from shooting down the air speeder, the rest of the party is scouring video surveillance on the mine’s computer system. Discovering that a ship had recently landed at Landing Pad B they decide to head that way to see if it is still there, as the tape cuts off 3 hours previous.

On the way they encounter an astromech droid and 2 load lifter droids. Gruto, being a bit jumpy, fires a shot at the floor near the astromech droid as it moves to confront them. This prompts the Load Lifter droids to attack. The result is one flattened Ash droid. Meanwhile the Bith leads the load lifters outside (where he sees that the ship is still on landing pad B), and then outruns them back into the station, locking them outside.

About then Tizwik and Avir arrive, and Tizwik does what he can for Ash with his tools, and the aid of an emergency repair kit, but Ash is too damaged to revive, so they decide to drag him to the next room where an oil bath awaits. In the process they discover yet another dead humanoid in the oil bath.

Leaving Ash behind the remaining party continue towards the mine entrance looking for any survivors. At the entrance room they encounter several battle droids, a load lifter, and a few other droids working peacefully. Ignoring them they continue into the mine on two carts that were stationed in the entrance. After a frustrating cart ride (for Tizwik), they come to a makeshift barricade with light coming from behind. It is here they make contact with a group of surviving miners, and eventually convince them to return with them back to the upper levels.

In the mine entrance room they find the administrative droid that had been helping them has now been deactivated with some obvious laser blasts to the chest plate. The other droids that were working have now disappeared. Strange.

The group goes back to the oil bath room where they wait for Ash to awaken. They also check the landing pad for the ship but find that it has now departed. Tizwik rushes back to the Nostramo to make sure it’s safe. It is.

After Ash wakes up the group decides to head to the office to look for a hidden safe.

In the next room they encounter a horde of droids with nefarious intentions.

A quick firefight ensues in which half of the remaining surviving miners get killed by a load lifter. Eventually the group prevails, however, albeit with one critically injured miner. The miners, along with Gruto, move to a nearby room where a medical droid can help them with the injured person. Gruto, Tizwik and Ash head to the office. Once at the office they conduct a thorough search for the hidden safe, eventually finding one that had been expertly hidden under the desk, disguised as a safe under a desk.

Ash uses all his available neural network to attempt an unauthorized opening of the safe and is surprisingly successful. Inside are found many credits. As they are inspecting the contents the Avir arrives with the miners, who seem to take exception to the group’s obvious plan of absconding with ALL the credits back to the Hutt.

After a short negotiation, some fees are paid to the miners, and the entire group crams onto the Nostramo for the trip back to Bargos the Hutt’s palace on Sleheyron.

Bargos is pleased with the group. After the Hutt excuses the group with his thanks and some spending cash, he then goes about his business with the miner’s leader, which included some rather harsh administrative action on the Hutt’s part that the party wisely chooses to ignore as they exit.

The group then returns to Mos Oolat Dahl, the largest spaceport on Sleheyron, to Thakba the Hutt’s palace reporting on their dealings. He too is pleased and frees them from their obligation to him in this regard.

Off to the Cantina for some drinks.



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