Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Anchorhead Heist

Session 8

After successfully completing their mission for Admiral Manion, the group realizes that their ship has taken quite a beating and is in need of enough repairs that it would take a month or more, and much of their resources in order to get their ship space worthy.

The group has two messages on their ship comm. One from Admiral Manion, and one from Thakba the Hutt. Each of them has a job opportunity for the group. The group will have to decide which, if either, of these contacts they want to perform the job for.

The message from Manion says that she recognizes that the group’s ship is in quite a state of disrepair after their previous mission for her. Feeling guilty about this, and knowing that the repairs will take over a month and a significant portion of the resources the group made in working for her, Manion offers full repairs on their ship for free, and a loaner ship to use while they wait, should they agree to assist her on this mission, which is to retrieve an artifact of great value. She makes no threats if they refuse.

Thakba has no knowledge of what the group has been doing since he last spoke to them. He simply wants to extend another job opportunity to his favorite band of hired guns. His message is friendly, though as he recounts the few details of the job that he is willing to leave on a message he clearly sounds angry. He doesn’t give specifics about payment, but says that taking this job would definitely be worth their time financially. Should the group be interested, they can simply contact him. They don’t need to return to Sleheyron to meet with him.

Ultimately the group, at the extreme urging of the droid smuggler Ash, decide that they want to respond to Thakba’s job offer. They contact him and attempt to negotiate terms of working for him. Among the terms are that they need a ship, as theirs is in poor shape. Additionally, they want Thakba to agree to paying for the repairs for the old ship in the meantime. Gruto, being the expert negotiator that he is, was successful in getting these demands met so the group headed to Sleheyron to drop off their ship and get the loaner ship from Thakba.

Once on Sleheyron, Thakba gives the group the details of the mission, which essentially boils down to going to Tatooine and recovering an ancient artifact from a man named Zygiri. Zygiri’s compound is located near Anchorhead 80 km south of Mos Eisley. After agreeing to the job and having the details, Thakba takes the group to their loaner ship, a shiny new YT-2400 Light Freighter. This ship has no serial numbers and no ID because Thakba does not want the ship, the mission, or anything involving this artifact to be traced back to him. The artifact is too valuable and too many people want. Thus anonymity is key.

As a parting command, Thakba tells the group to make certain that they do not visit that vile worm Jabba.

The group arrives at Tatooine and decides that for anonymity’s sake they would land at Mos Eisley and take a landspeeder to Anchorhead. On the drive, they come across a broken down speeder with two attractive human women and a man who is working to repair the speeder. The group assumes it is a trap but stops to help, with guns drawn. When the women aren’t receptive to help by these gun toting sojourners, they simply drive away. But within a few hundred meters, they fall under heavy fire from attacking Tusken Raiders. The group is forced to head back to where the broken down speeder was where they can find cover. The two groups fend off the attack, though Gruto is very upset that the speeder has taken some damage and he doens’t think he will get his deposit back.

During all of this, Ash is serving as the speeder pilot. He assures the group that he knows the way right to Anchorhead. He leads them to a place that doens’t look quite like a settlement. It turns out to be Jabba’s palace. The group is brought inside, Ash is detained, and the rest of the group is allowed to leave.

The group heads to Anchorhead, sans Ash, and decides that the best thing to do is to spend the night and start their mission in the morning. So they make it to Anchorhead and get a few rooms at an upscale hotel called The Sidi Driss Inn.

The next morning, as the group heads down for breakfast before starting their mission to head to Zygiri’s and locate the artifact, they find Ash standing in the hallway waiting for them. He has no recollection of anything that took place since landing on Tatooine. Tizwik ran some computer diagnostics and was able ascertain that Ash had been given a brand new memory core and that there was some dormant code implanted, but he couldn’t distinguish what it was and was unable to remove it.

The group takes their landspeeder to Zygiri’s compound and when they get there, it is engulfed in flames and almost completely burned to the ground. As they search around, they find many dead bodies, including Zygiri’s, and they realize that Jabba has extracted the information from Ash’s memory core and has already sent a team here to retrieve the artifact.

As they set to leave and figure out their next move, a speed comes racing up, stops short, and a group of heavily armed mercenaries jumps out.

And this is where the session ended.



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