Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Anchorhead Heist, Part 2

Session 9

Picking up immediately where we left off last time, this session opened with group being forced into combat thanks to an ambush by a mercenary group. That group is demanding the artifact, assuming that Zygiri’s estate was looted and burned by this group. Since they are unwilling to listen to reason, Avir attacks and Gruto throws a frag grenade, while Tizwik hides and pees her robes.

There was an incident involving a frag grenade and the group’s rental landspeeder was destroyed. Gruto was quite angry that they would not be getting their deposit back. Unfortunately, there was another incident, which involved the destruction of the mercenary group’s speeder as well.

The group subdues the mercenaries, killing one, incapacitating another, and forcing their surrender. They then explain that they don’t have the artifact and that they found the estate like this only a few minutes earlier.

Realizing that they were out in the middle of the desert with no transportation, both groups begin searching the grounds. They were able to semi-successfully hack the security for the garage, which housed an incredibly expensive and nice landspeeder. The group got in, and as they rode away, the garage exploded. Maybe they hadn’t been as successful as they thought at hacking the garage security.

The two groups head back to the The Sidi Driss Inn where they shower and then share dinner as they plan what to do next. For now they have a tentative partnership, which was proposed by Avir. The agreement was that they would work together to get the artifact, then play a game of sabacc to determine who gets to keep it.

The foolhardy plan devised by the two groups was to head to Jabba’s palace and distract him with pleasantries and dialogue while Aeric, the Shistavanen Bounty Hunter sneaks around the palace looking for the artifact.

Yeah. That was really the plan.

They arrived at Jabba’s palace, were welcomed inside, and headed down the long hallway to the throne room. Avir caused a distraction, allowing Aeric to slip down a side hallway and begin his search.

Aeric searched several rooms on the main floor, finding nothing of interest except a door leading to a stairway down. He was eventually able to get the door opened and followed the long steps down. At the end of the hallway were two Gamorrean Guards. Aeric realized the need to take them out, but also knew he couldn’t use a blaster without making too much noise. So he ran in wielding his vibrosword and was successful at killing one foe before being incapacitated himself.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was in Jabba’s throne room. Jabba knew why they were there- for the artifact- and even brought it out to show them. As soon as it was in sight, the mercenaries from the other group drew their weapons. Avir and Ash thought very quickly, turning their guns on their former allies and helping mow them down. When only two were left, Jabba opened the floor and dropped them down to a pit below where a Rancor proceeded to use one as an appetizer and the other as an entree.

Jabba was pleased that the group had aided him, and therefore didn’t kill them. Because he was feeling so generous, he offered them a job- to go back and kill Thakba. Avir cunningly devised a plan to record a video of himself with the artifact so that he could send it to Thakba with Thakba expecting that he was about to receive the artifact. Jabba agreed to this arrangement.

Avir shot his holovid (an Oscar winning performance), Jabba returned an unconscious Aeric to them, and the group headed back to Mos Eisley, now in their stolen landspeeder. When they arrived at Mos Eisley, Gruto was successful in selling the speeder for 15000 credits.

The group needed a plan. Avir really wanted to keep this shiny new YT-2400 Light Freighter. They knew that killing Thakba wouldn’t be easy. So when they convinced him, with the video message, that they had the artifact, he asked them to meet him at his private hangar where no one else would see him offloading the artifact. Thakba met them there himself. Avir, showing off his fine piloting skills, gently dropped his soon to be new ship down flat on top of Thakba and his guards, squishing them flat and leaving nothing but Hutt guts behind (and on the bottom of the ship).

Avir then immediately flew back up, got into orbit, and took off into the far reaches of the hyperlanes. Jabba contacted them almost immediately, laughing hysterically, and telling them that this was the greatest assassination he had ever seen. He wired them their reward and bid them good day.

For the first time, the group had succeeded in completing a mission (somewhat) while actually making a ton of money, including a brand new, untraceable YT-2400 freighter.

This concluded the session.



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