Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights


Session 10

After killing Thakba the Hutt in the previous session, the group realized that they were joyfully free and clear to run away with their new ship and to start new lives elsewhere. Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy, and everything has consequences.

The long and short of it is that, while the ship wasn’t registered to Thakba, that didn’t mean that he hadn’t taken counter measures to assure his own best interests.

Shortly after making it into orbit around Sleheyron, the ship began to control itself and began calculating hyperspace jump coordinates. Tizwik was able to deactivate the hyperdrive, but the sub-light engines continued to pull the ship to its unknown destination. Eventually they were able to slice the computer, access the coordinates, disable the malicious code controlling the ship, and turn the hyperdrive back on.

The coordinates led to the planet Cyborrea, to Cybok City. Ash suggested that they follow the coordinates to see what happens. The group agreed and they set out. When they got there, they expected an ambush, but they had arrived a few hours later than the ship would have on its own, and there was no one there waiting.

Tizwik stayed with the ship while the rest of the group explored the spaceport and went to the cantina. Gruto negotiated the sale of some Sleheyron Reserve at the local cantina, the Bald Bantha, and Ash headed back to the ship to get a case. As he was leaving the ship carrying the case he came under attack by some mercenaries. Ash was able to defeat them with some help from Tizwik in the gunnery seat of the ship. Tizwik also started flying the ship while Ash was standing at the top of the ramp shooting at the bad guys. This caused Ash to fall out, smashing the entire case of Sleheyron Reserve.

The rest of the group got back to the ship, the mercenaries were successfully defeated, and they learned that the mercenaries were to show up at another set of coordinates once they had completed their mission of dispatching the group and recovering the YT-2400.

Ash thought it best if they headed to these new coordinates to see what they found. They followed the coordinates and it took them to the planet NImban. The coordinates were for a clearing out in the middle of the wilderness so the group thought it best to park in the city spaceport and then rent speeder bikes to go out to the clearing. Gruto, Avir, and Aeric remained on the ship while Tizwik and Ash headed out to the coordinates. They rented speeder bikes, and they lost their deposit. Because they can’t fly speeder bikes for crap.

After wrecking both bikes, they walked the rest of the way. After arriving at the clearing, Tizwik decided to hide in the woods while Ash went out into the open. After a short time a Firespray Interceptor landed and a male Twi’lek exited the ship. He drew his weapon on Ash and asked “where it is.”

Ash, not wanting to give away that he wasn’t the real contact, played dumb, so the Twi’lek shot him in the leg, knocking Ash to the ground. The Twi’lek asked agian, “Where is it?” Ash didn’t answer, and just as he was about to take another blaster bolt, Tizwik tapped into the force- to the complete surprise of Ash and the Twi’lek- yanked the gun from the mercenary’s hand, and threw it out of his reach. Of course, the Twi’lek mercenary didn’t know there was a force-sensitive Jawa hiding in the woods.

This was a time after Order 66 were there weren’t force users. So the Twi’lek didn’t know what was happening. He drew a thermal detonator and demanded answers about what was going on. Ash refused to answer, not completely sure himself. The mercenary demanded answers or he would blow both of them up. Ash, knowing an obvious bluff when he sees one, called said bluff and abusively shouted, “Do it! Do it!”

The Twi’lek was visibly shaken and responded, “I will! I will blow us up, right now!”

“Do it!!” demanded the one legged smuggler droid.

So he did it.

And the whole area was sprayed with bits of Twi’lek guts and droid parts.

Tizwik called for Gruto to bring the ship to them. They collected the still intact memory core of Ash as well as any parts they could and they attempted to hack the mercenary’s ship to find more information; however, they were unsuccessful and the session ended here, with the seeming early demise of everyone’s favorite toaster.



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