Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Hunter and Hunted, Parts 1 and 2

Sessions 4 and 5

I don’t remember the exact dates of these two sessions, and don’t recall all the details, as we didn’t write adventure summaries at the time. But I wanted to include them for posterity’s sake.

The basic summary is that a Sullastan named Imik Suum asked the group to help rescue his friend, famous swoop-jockey Seng Windrunner. He had been taken captive by Imperial Lieutenant Herkin. The group agrees to help, but nothing is ever easy for them.

As they attempted to scout out Herkin’s ship at the spaceport, Tizwik was captured and Herkin got away. Tizwik was successful, however, in planting a homing beacon on Herkin’s Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle, and Avir was able to fly casual and follow behind.

Eventually they ended up at the planet Rodia. They landed at the spaceport and took a boat to a small hunting camp run by an old retired Rodain bounty hunter named Goova Oonta. This camp allows people to come spend their money to be taken out to hunt some of the toughest beasts in the galaxy.

As the group some searching and sniffing, what they find is that there are at least rumors that this place might offer a “sentient hunt.” They begin to suspect that Seng and Tizwik are going to be prey for this hunt.

After doing some asking around through back-channels, the group does get signed up for this highly illegal hunt, of which Goova Oonta knows nothing, but her son Moxo seems to be running with Herkin. Goova’s duaghter, Plateena, knows nothing for certain of this illegal business, but she has suspect it for a while and strongly disapproves.

The group sets out on the hunt, they do eventually find and rescue both Tizwik and Seng. They escape back to Mos Oolat Dahl on Sleheyron where Imik and Seng ask for one more favor. They ask for transportation elsewhere and aid in forming new identities. The group agrees to help, taking them to Nal Hutta and setting them up with new identities so that Seng can make a living on the swoop circuit there. Avir negotiated that they would provide this service, but in return they were official sponsors of the team and therefore got a percentage of all of Seng’s winnings. Seng and Imik gratefully agreed, and that was the end of this two-part adventure.



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