Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Imperial Pleasure Cruise Part 2/Medieval Times

Session 12

This session picked up right where the last one left off, with the group in the med bay trying to bring Aeric back to consciousness. Unfortunately Avir, despite being conscious when arriving at the med bay, lost consciousness once the shock of losing his arm set in and he remained in a catatonic state for the entire adventure.

The group searched the med bay and Tizwik was able to turn on the power and life support systems for the med bay, but not for anywhere else on the ship. It was also discovered that the medical droids had lost their battery charge, but that they could be plugged back in and, once charged enough, would be able to resume their medical service.

The group was able to get the power working which meant that Aeric was able to be placed in the bacta tank for healing. As the group was preparing to set about looking for the engine room, they began to hear a loud thumping in the hallway. Drago opened the door and went, vibrosword in hand, to check on the commotion. What he found was the disturbing image of a red humanoid with a weird squid-beard who was obviously drunk, and yet found himself able to walk around without using a helmet for life support.

Unfortunately, the drunken space squid didn’t speak Galactic Basic, but he was able to put on a helmet that could translate. He introduced himself as a resident of the planet below- the one this Star Destroyer is plummeting towards- and that he and several others on the ship had been teleported off of their planet, which is encased by some kind of EMP field that doesn’t let electronic devices pass through or work within, and they were sent on a mission to retrieve some weird mushroom spore. These spores had been genetically altered by his people millennia before and, when mixed with his people’s blood, would turn them into super-beings which would allow them to rule the galaxy.

Squid-Beard the Space Pirate also seemed to be brimming with a magical power- probably some manifestation of the force, but something unlike anything this group had ever seen. In one demonstration of his power, he put his hand into a wall and ripped it down. Then he walked up to Aeric in the bacta tank and instantly restored him to full health.

Squid-Beard told the group that his goal was to ensure that this ship succeeded in hitting his planet so that the spores would pass on to everyone (who wasn’t killed by the massive ship crashing into the world). He didn’t seem hostile, and was willing to take the group anywhere on the ship they desired to go. This, of course, told them that he and his friends were of significant enough power that they didn’t view this rag-tag bunch as a threat.

After Aeric shook the bacta out of his fur and Tizwik brushed him and put him in a pretty sweater, Squid-Beard led them to the command deck to meet the rest of the crew of space mollusks. It became quickly evidence, especially given the group’s complete lack of available weapons, that the strange red men controlling this ship were simply to powerful to try to confront, so they tried diplomacy, which, of course, also failed.

Finally, despondent and giving up, the group went back to the med bay where Tizwik discovered that he could hack the ships engine controls and initiate the self-destruct mechanism. First, however, he would need to use the ship’s turbo-lasers to shoot down the shuttle outside. Aeric took control of the guns and blew the shuttle to bits. Tizwik then started the self-destruct sequence and the group headed to the escape pods. One escape pod was launched from elsewhere on the ship. Tizwik threw Avir into his own escape pod and launched him. Everyone else got in their own pods and were immediately sent rushing towards the planet and obliteration in its EMP field.

Before hitting the atmosphere everyone had to jump from their pods. Tizwik also had to jump onto Avir’s and get him free and then hold onto him and share a parachute to assure safe landing.

Gruto and Drago landed in a different place than the others, and everyone shortly realized that anything electronic they had was completely dead. Gruto and Drago landed near a large city but opted to not approach it for fear of being arrested. They tried to talk to people along the road but were treated like bandits. One weird red squid-faced traveler threatened then attacked them and was put in his place. Desiring to not be branded outlaws, they treated his wounds but did take his supply pack so that they had basic rations for their journey to gods-knows-where. Eventually, they were set upon by a dozen armed guards, despite traveling through the thick woods and avoiding all settlements, and were taken to a keep where they were placed on a weird pink light and teleported somewhere as yet unknown.

At the same time, Tizwik and Aeric decided to take up farming for a local gentleman who was kind enough to not kill them on site. But, before long, they too were set upon by guards, taken to a keep, placed on a weird glowy disc, and teleported to an unknown location. When they arrived they found that their friends were there as well. Now reunited, the group anxiously awaited finding out what was going on.

The session ended here.



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