Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Only Two Ways Home

Session 6

While on Nal Hutta, where the group settled in briefly after dropping Imik and Seng (the NPC’s from the previous adventure) with new identities and a new career in the Nal Hutta Swooprace Circuit, the group began to look for more work. They were stationed in Bilbousa, the capital, and have made themselves frequent patrons of the local mid-scale cantina, The Jewel.

Ash decided to begin to look for work, and in asking around, found a Twi’lek named Mooloo, a jobs broker, who had an offer to pitch to the group. He asked that they meet him at their ship in two hours’ time. During this two hours, Tizwik purchased an upgrade (downgrade) to the ship that Avir refused to allow to be installed. Said upgrade is being stored in the ship’s cargo hold, taking up 75 of the 165 available encumbrance.

The group received its first payment from Seng Windrunner (85 credits) as the spoils of war from his first race on Nal Hutta. Gruto sold five blaster rifles and a case of Sleheyron Reserve. The group’s financial concerns seemed to be turning around.

When Avir and Gruto met with Mooloo, they learned that the job came from Admiral Manion of the Imperial Star Destroyer Praetorian who was looking for a crew to track down a rogue Imperial ship and disable its hyperdrive. Apparently, the captain of said ship, Kitano, had fallen into religious zealotry and started a cult, the Knights of Humanity’s Glory. This is a cult of only humans, who see the ultimate blasphemy as artificial intelligence (aka, droids).

Avir and Gruto decide they need to meet with the rest of the group and talk this over. They agree to meet Mooloo the next morning to give their answer. When they get to the junkyard where Tizwik was working on the piece of junk upgrade he bought for the ship, upon realizing that Gruto had made a bunch of money, Tizwik runs off and spends even more of it on the ship, this time on an upgraded targeting array. Avir approves this upgrade and it is installed.

The next morning, the group agrees to fly up to Admiral Manion’s star destroyer and hear what she has to say. Despite pitiful attempts at negotiating, and arguing from a position of weakness, the group ultimately convinces Manion to double her offer, giving them 10,000 credits for the job. She pays them in advance, certain that they would not be foolish enough to renege on their deal.

Because they are trying to infiltrate a human only cult, the group decides to purchase a smuggler’s cargo hold that could mask the life signs of those hidden inside so that Avir could infiltrate the cult and then the others could sneak off the ship to disable the hyperdrive on Kitano’s vessel. This means that they are, yet again, spend more money in order to accomplish a mission.

Once they have finished blowing all their cash, the group flies to the Crackull System where Kitano is said to be holed up. They have to choose between three hyperspace drop points and then several possible locations for Kitano to be hiding. Miraculously, they chose to drop out of hyperspace in the middle of a major ion cloud, and they just happened to have dropped out near the location of Kitano’s ship. The group began to devise their plan, but time ran out, and the assault or infiltration will pick up two weeks hence.

Everyone received 15 xp for the adventure.



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