Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Only Two Ways Home, Part 2

Session 7

This was a short evening, primarily dedicated to learning the intricacies of space combat. Only Ash and Avir were present. The session itself was fairly short, as Avir decided that instead of boarding the capital ship Agarix and disabling it from inside, due to interference from the ion cloud that would block the ship’s sensors from detecting the group’s ship, he would fly right up behind it and take out the hyperdrive compartment from the outside. Avir adeptly piloted the ship to the best location, opened fire, and made short work of the _Agarix_’s hyperdrive, safely completing the mission without any casualties.

However, Avir almost didn’t make the escape. The group’s ship suffered heavy damage as the Agarix opened fire and sent some TIE squadrons out to destroy the attacking freighter. After taking out the first TIE squadron, Avir was able to jump into hyperspace and escape while his ship had 0 hull trauma remaining. The required repairs would be extensive, costing in the tens of thousands of credits. But the mission was a success. Avir contacted Admiral Manion, she thanked he and his crew for their service, and assured them that the Empire appreciated their service.



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