Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

A Debt to Pay
Session 2

We started the night with Gruto getting in touch with his inner Ferengi, and acquiring 5 crates of premium booze (Sleheyron Reserve) that need a new home. The group was re-summoned to Thakba the Hutt and was informed that since Thakba considered them to be in his debt over the whole Doba incident, the group was to scratch the back of Bargos so that he would get off Thakba’s backside.

Upon arriving at Bargos the Hutt’s palace, the group became engaged with a band of disgruntled pig-like employees (Gamorreans) of Bargos. Who shot first will likely go down as a great historical debate. Whether it was the pigs with their vibro axes or the cunning and handsome smuggler pilot, who can say?

After dispatching the pigs, the group was escorted in to speak to Bargos, who informed them that they would be tasked with getting his newly acquired off-world iridium mine to cough up the value he expected out of it. (100,000 credits worth.) On the way back to the ship, Ash stopped back in to relay the day’s events to Thakba, and then the group set off for the iridium mine.

Arriving at the hell of a planet the mine was located on, the group proceeded to land and began exploring the complex. Locks were manipulated, chefs were spoken to, dead bodies were found hither and yon throughout the complex, and from the looks of things it had all happened recently. Upon further exploration of the complex, the administrative droid was located and reactivated through Ash’s efforts. As the group began conferring with the admin droid about the recent events that had taken place an alarm sounded indicating that one of the field generators that kept the harmful atmosphere at bay had been disabled. Avir left the group to join Tizwik back on the ship, while the remaining three members of the group stayed in the facility to continue putting the puzzle pieces together with the admin droid.

When we left off, Tizwik had just bullseye’d the ship responsible for attempting to take down the field generator, and the group back at the facility were in the middle of speaking with the admin droid back in the office.

Trouble Brewing
Session 1

The group landed on Formos for resupplying and found a half destroyed, near dead 3PO droid in an alley. He mentioned an R4 unit that was his friend and had been kidnapped. He suggested that he thought it was Bandin Dobah’s smuggling ring that was responsible for this. Avir and Gruto took the broken droid (most of the top half of him) back to the ship for Tizwik to look at while Aeric went to the cantina. At the cantina Aeric learned of an Imperial bounty of 10,000 credits on Bandin Dobah, and that the locals are terrified of him to the point of not wanting to even be heard saying his name in public. Aeric was offered information from a Devaronian who told him the basic details about Bandin Dobah and the fact that there was also a 5,000 credit bounty on Bandin by a Hutt named Thakba.

Aeric went back to the ship to fill in his party on the details. Because Aeric had been seen asking questions about Bandin at the cantina, he was left at the ship while the other four headed to the cantina to see if they could find a way to be employed by Bandin. Avir sat at the bar and had a brief encounter with a Rodian female who clearly wasn’t from this planet. She was followed into the bar by three smuggler/scoundrel types who were harassing her and hitting on her. The group tried to interact with these three in various ways, but they weren’t interested, until Avir mentioned that he worked for Bandin Dobah, which caught their attention.

Daro, the leader of these three scoundrels, offered to take Avir and his friends back to their warehouse to discuss business, where they promptly tried to jump and kill the party. Daro and Spir were killed and Gut, the Weequay scoundrel was taken captive. He agreed to make arrangements to meet with Bandin Dobah. The party also found the R4 droid in the warehouse, took off his restraining bolt, and learned that he had coordinates to Bandin Dobah’s base. The group ultimately decided to steal the ship that Daro’s crew used for moving goods, take the R4 droid and Gut, and go see Thakba the Hutt on Sleheyron. They offered the location of Bandin Dobah to Thakba, as well as the ship and Gut. He paid them 3,500 credits and said that he would discuss future work with the group after verifying the coordinates as the location of Bandin Dobah’s base.

Also, Aeric was wounded for 12 wounds during battle. After the battle, the group found a med kit and two stim packs. They used one stim pack on Aeric, healing 5 wounds. Another wound healed from overnight rest, leaving 6 wounds left. Then Gruto made a med check and healed 3 more wounds, leaving Aeric with only 3 wounds left to heal.

Everyone received 20 xp which can be spent before the next adventure, or saved for later use. All strain is recovered, and the reduction to strain threshold from rolling Ash’s obligation is removed.


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