Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Medieval Times Part 2
Session 13

Picking up where we left off, our group of heroes was gathered before a council of the red, squid-faced aliens on whose planet they had landed. The council informed them that they fulfilled a prophecy about people who would come from the sky and told the group that their only hope of ever leaving the planet would be to head into the ancient catacombs and find out what has been causing the unrest within.

The group, not interested in any squid prophecies, but definitely interested in leaving this planet, agreed to enter the catacombs, hoping to find some means of escape. Instead, they found a large room with a magnetic ceiling, hallways filled with weird mist, and another room with a few large half man/half bantha-like creatures. Having to fight their way past, Avir volunteered to sacrifice his one remaining arm to procure a means for the group to gain passage through the room. The bad news is that he now has no hands to hold a milkshake (or a blaster), but the group did make it through.

One of the quirks of this planet has been the strange affect it seems to be having on Tizwik, who has transformed from the group’s smelly rat-like mechanic into a powerful and perhaps twisted purveyor of the powers of the Force. What is unclear, other than Tizwik’s gender, is whether she is tapping into the light or dark side of the Force. Whichever it may be, something on this planet seems to be magnifying her powers, much to the benefit of the otherwise handicapped party.

After some exploring in these catacombs, the group happened upon a place that looks to have been used- at some point- for a temple. Everything now, however, is old and decayed, and it would appear that no one has worshiped here in many, many moons.

Most of the adventure was spent exploring the catacombs and trying to find a way to escape. When the session ended, Drago had just passed through a waterfall to find a large room beyond with growing palm trees inside and the group was formulating a plan of action with regards to how to get down from the waterfall ledge to said room below.

Imperial Pleasure Cruise Part 2/Medieval Times
Session 12

This session picked up right where the last one left off, with the group in the med bay trying to bring Aeric back to consciousness. Unfortunately Avir, despite being conscious when arriving at the med bay, lost consciousness once the shock of losing his arm set in and he remained in a catatonic state for the entire adventure.

The group searched the med bay and Tizwik was able to turn on the power and life support systems for the med bay, but not for anywhere else on the ship. It was also discovered that the medical droids had lost their battery charge, but that they could be plugged back in and, once charged enough, would be able to resume their medical service.

The group was able to get the power working which meant that Aeric was able to be placed in the bacta tank for healing. As the group was preparing to set about looking for the engine room, they began to hear a loud thumping in the hallway. Drago opened the door and went, vibrosword in hand, to check on the commotion. What he found was the disturbing image of a red humanoid with a weird squid-beard who was obviously drunk, and yet found himself able to walk around without using a helmet for life support.

Unfortunately, the drunken space squid didn’t speak Galactic Basic, but he was able to put on a helmet that could translate. He introduced himself as a resident of the planet below- the one this Star Destroyer is plummeting towards- and that he and several others on the ship had been teleported off of their planet, which is encased by some kind of EMP field that doesn’t let electronic devices pass through or work within, and they were sent on a mission to retrieve some weird mushroom spore. These spores had been genetically altered by his people millennia before and, when mixed with his people’s blood, would turn them into super-beings which would allow them to rule the galaxy.

Squid-Beard the Space Pirate also seemed to be brimming with a magical power- probably some manifestation of the force, but something unlike anything this group had ever seen. In one demonstration of his power, he put his hand into a wall and ripped it down. Then he walked up to Aeric in the bacta tank and instantly restored him to full health.

Squid-Beard told the group that his goal was to ensure that this ship succeeded in hitting his planet so that the spores would pass on to everyone (who wasn’t killed by the massive ship crashing into the world). He didn’t seem hostile, and was willing to take the group anywhere on the ship they desired to go. This, of course, told them that he and his friends were of significant enough power that they didn’t view this rag-tag bunch as a threat.

After Aeric shook the bacta out of his fur and Tizwik brushed him and put him in a pretty sweater, Squid-Beard led them to the command deck to meet the rest of the crew of space mollusks. It became quickly evidence, especially given the group’s complete lack of available weapons, that the strange red men controlling this ship were simply to powerful to try to confront, so they tried diplomacy, which, of course, also failed.

Finally, despondent and giving up, the group went back to the med bay where Tizwik discovered that he could hack the ships engine controls and initiate the self-destruct mechanism. First, however, he would need to use the ship’s turbo-lasers to shoot down the shuttle outside. Aeric took control of the guns and blew the shuttle to bits. Tizwik then started the self-destruct sequence and the group headed to the escape pods. One escape pod was launched from elsewhere on the ship. Tizwik threw Avir into his own escape pod and launched him. Everyone else got in their own pods and were immediately sent rushing towards the planet and obliteration in its EMP field.

Before hitting the atmosphere everyone had to jump from their pods. Tizwik also had to jump onto Avir’s and get him free and then hold onto him and share a parachute to assure safe landing.

Gruto and Drago landed in a different place than the others, and everyone shortly realized that anything electronic they had was completely dead. Gruto and Drago landed near a large city but opted to not approach it for fear of being arrested. They tried to talk to people along the road but were treated like bandits. One weird red squid-faced traveler threatened then attacked them and was put in his place. Desiring to not be branded outlaws, they treated his wounds but did take his supply pack so that they had basic rations for their journey to gods-knows-where. Eventually, they were set upon by a dozen armed guards, despite traveling through the thick woods and avoiding all settlements, and were taken to a keep where they were placed on a weird pink light and teleported somewhere as yet unknown.

At the same time, Tizwik and Aeric decided to take up farming for a local gentleman who was kind enough to not kill them on site. But, before long, they too were set upon by guards, taken to a keep, placed on a weird glowy disc, and teleported to an unknown location. When they arrived they found that their friends were there as well. Now reunited, the group anxiously awaited finding out what was going on.

The session ended here.

Imperial Pleasure Cruise
Session 11

Given that Ash is at least temporarily not among the sentient, Howard took over as GM and Mike joined the ranks of players, making a Nautolan Hired Gun Enforcer to join the fray.

Immediately following the events of last session, while sitting in the clearing on Nimban, a large shuttle comes and lands. One hundred Imperial Storm Troopers descend the ramp, double-file. After they form a large circle around the group, a familiar face comes down and the unreasonably attractive Admiral Manion stands before them.

This time, Manion isn’t happy and she isn’t pleasant. She demands that they come with her to do a job, or they die.

Once the group is aboard the Star Destroyer Praetorian they are taken to an unfamiliar star system and told that their job is to board a derelict Star Destroyer floating on a collision course with a planet. Their mission is to recover an artifact and implode (under no circumstances are they to explode) the Star Destroyer.

The group is introduced to another prisoner, the stunningly handsome, but ruggedly intimidating Nautolan named Drago. They are all put in space suits, loaded on a shuttle, and sent to the Star Destroyer.

After arriving on the Star Destroyer, they realize that there is no power, no gravity, and no way to control anything. The group begins to search around and make their way through the ship. They are soon met by a fierce group of creatures wearing storm trooper armor but acting more like they are super-humanoid.

A battle ensues. Avir loses an arm. The group wins the battle, but then the power comes on and gravity resumes, causing all of the debris floating in the ship to crash down on the group. Aeric is critically wounded and needs immediate medical attention. But the rest of the group fared pretty well.

Drago suggests trying to find the med bay to heal the hurt companions before continuing with the quest. The group agrees and they set out to the nearest bounce tube. On their way, they attempt to stop at the armory, but that floor is unnavigable. They also run into a giant wall of ooze, mushrooms, and spores. Drago hacks through it and they continue on, but now the group knows that this is going to be even worse than they anticipated.

They take the bounce tube up and stop at the the storm troopers’ barracks. At this point, the lights go back off and gravity is lost again. They find nothing of use in the barracks so they break through the ceiling of the bounce tube and traverse the shaft to make it to the level with the med bay. Aeric is patched up as best as he can be, but remains unconscious, and the rest of the group tends to their more minor wounds as well- except for Avir, whose wound isn’t fatal at this point, but is certainly beyond repair in their current circumstances.

The session ended here.

Session 10

After killing Thakba the Hutt in the previous session, the group realized that they were joyfully free and clear to run away with their new ship and to start new lives elsewhere. Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy, and everything has consequences.

The long and short of it is that, while the ship wasn’t registered to Thakba, that didn’t mean that he hadn’t taken counter measures to assure his own best interests.

Shortly after making it into orbit around Sleheyron, the ship began to control itself and began calculating hyperspace jump coordinates. Tizwik was able to deactivate the hyperdrive, but the sub-light engines continued to pull the ship to its unknown destination. Eventually they were able to slice the computer, access the coordinates, disable the malicious code controlling the ship, and turn the hyperdrive back on.

The coordinates led to the planet Cyborrea, to Cybok City. Ash suggested that they follow the coordinates to see what happens. The group agreed and they set out. When they got there, they expected an ambush, but they had arrived a few hours later than the ship would have on its own, and there was no one there waiting.

Tizwik stayed with the ship while the rest of the group explored the spaceport and went to the cantina. Gruto negotiated the sale of some Sleheyron Reserve at the local cantina, the Bald Bantha, and Ash headed back to the ship to get a case. As he was leaving the ship carrying the case he came under attack by some mercenaries. Ash was able to defeat them with some help from Tizwik in the gunnery seat of the ship. Tizwik also started flying the ship while Ash was standing at the top of the ramp shooting at the bad guys. This caused Ash to fall out, smashing the entire case of Sleheyron Reserve.

The rest of the group got back to the ship, the mercenaries were successfully defeated, and they learned that the mercenaries were to show up at another set of coordinates once they had completed their mission of dispatching the group and recovering the YT-2400.

Ash thought it best if they headed to these new coordinates to see what they found. They followed the coordinates and it took them to the planet NImban. The coordinates were for a clearing out in the middle of the wilderness so the group thought it best to park in the city spaceport and then rent speeder bikes to go out to the clearing. Gruto, Avir, and Aeric remained on the ship while Tizwik and Ash headed out to the coordinates. They rented speeder bikes, and they lost their deposit. Because they can’t fly speeder bikes for crap.

After wrecking both bikes, they walked the rest of the way. After arriving at the clearing, Tizwik decided to hide in the woods while Ash went out into the open. After a short time a Firespray Interceptor landed and a male Twi’lek exited the ship. He drew his weapon on Ash and asked “where it is.”

Ash, not wanting to give away that he wasn’t the real contact, played dumb, so the Twi’lek shot him in the leg, knocking Ash to the ground. The Twi’lek asked agian, “Where is it?” Ash didn’t answer, and just as he was about to take another blaster bolt, Tizwik tapped into the force- to the complete surprise of Ash and the Twi’lek- yanked the gun from the mercenary’s hand, and threw it out of his reach. Of course, the Twi’lek mercenary didn’t know there was a force-sensitive Jawa hiding in the woods.

This was a time after Order 66 were there weren’t force users. So the Twi’lek didn’t know what was happening. He drew a thermal detonator and demanded answers about what was going on. Ash refused to answer, not completely sure himself. The mercenary demanded answers or he would blow both of them up. Ash, knowing an obvious bluff when he sees one, called said bluff and abusively shouted, “Do it! Do it!”

The Twi’lek was visibly shaken and responded, “I will! I will blow us up, right now!”

“Do it!!” demanded the one legged smuggler droid.

So he did it.

And the whole area was sprayed with bits of Twi’lek guts and droid parts.

Tizwik called for Gruto to bring the ship to them. They collected the still intact memory core of Ash as well as any parts they could and they attempted to hack the mercenary’s ship to find more information; however, they were unsuccessful and the session ended here, with the seeming early demise of everyone’s favorite toaster.

Anchorhead Heist, Part 2
Session 9

Picking up immediately where we left off last time, this session opened with group being forced into combat thanks to an ambush by a mercenary group. That group is demanding the artifact, assuming that Zygiri’s estate was looted and burned by this group. Since they are unwilling to listen to reason, Avir attacks and Gruto throws a frag grenade, while Tizwik hides and pees her robes.

There was an incident involving a frag grenade and the group’s rental landspeeder was destroyed. Gruto was quite angry that they would not be getting their deposit back. Unfortunately, there was another incident, which involved the destruction of the mercenary group’s speeder as well.

The group subdues the mercenaries, killing one, incapacitating another, and forcing their surrender. They then explain that they don’t have the artifact and that they found the estate like this only a few minutes earlier.

Realizing that they were out in the middle of the desert with no transportation, both groups begin searching the grounds. They were able to semi-successfully hack the security for the garage, which housed an incredibly expensive and nice landspeeder. The group got in, and as they rode away, the garage exploded. Maybe they hadn’t been as successful as they thought at hacking the garage security.

The two groups head back to the The Sidi Driss Inn where they shower and then share dinner as they plan what to do next. For now they have a tentative partnership, which was proposed by Avir. The agreement was that they would work together to get the artifact, then play a game of sabacc to determine who gets to keep it.

The foolhardy plan devised by the two groups was to head to Jabba’s palace and distract him with pleasantries and dialogue while Aeric, the Shistavanen Bounty Hunter sneaks around the palace looking for the artifact.

Yeah. That was really the plan.

They arrived at Jabba’s palace, were welcomed inside, and headed down the long hallway to the throne room. Avir caused a distraction, allowing Aeric to slip down a side hallway and begin his search.

Aeric searched several rooms on the main floor, finding nothing of interest except a door leading to a stairway down. He was eventually able to get the door opened and followed the long steps down. At the end of the hallway were two Gamorrean Guards. Aeric realized the need to take them out, but also knew he couldn’t use a blaster without making too much noise. So he ran in wielding his vibrosword and was successful at killing one foe before being incapacitated himself.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was in Jabba’s throne room. Jabba knew why they were there- for the artifact- and even brought it out to show them. As soon as it was in sight, the mercenaries from the other group drew their weapons. Avir and Ash thought very quickly, turning their guns on their former allies and helping mow them down. When only two were left, Jabba opened the floor and dropped them down to a pit below where a Rancor proceeded to use one as an appetizer and the other as an entree.

Jabba was pleased that the group had aided him, and therefore didn’t kill them. Because he was feeling so generous, he offered them a job- to go back and kill Thakba. Avir cunningly devised a plan to record a video of himself with the artifact so that he could send it to Thakba with Thakba expecting that he was about to receive the artifact. Jabba agreed to this arrangement.

Avir shot his holovid (an Oscar winning performance), Jabba returned an unconscious Aeric to them, and the group headed back to Mos Eisley, now in their stolen landspeeder. When they arrived at Mos Eisley, Gruto was successful in selling the speeder for 15000 credits.

The group needed a plan. Avir really wanted to keep this shiny new YT-2400 Light Freighter. They knew that killing Thakba wouldn’t be easy. So when they convinced him, with the video message, that they had the artifact, he asked them to meet him at his private hangar where no one else would see him offloading the artifact. Thakba met them there himself. Avir, showing off his fine piloting skills, gently dropped his soon to be new ship down flat on top of Thakba and his guards, squishing them flat and leaving nothing but Hutt guts behind (and on the bottom of the ship).

Avir then immediately flew back up, got into orbit, and took off into the far reaches of the hyperlanes. Jabba contacted them almost immediately, laughing hysterically, and telling them that this was the greatest assassination he had ever seen. He wired them their reward and bid them good day.

For the first time, the group had succeeded in completing a mission (somewhat) while actually making a ton of money, including a brand new, untraceable YT-2400 freighter.

This concluded the session.

Anchorhead Heist
Session 8

After successfully completing their mission for Admiral Manion, the group realizes that their ship has taken quite a beating and is in need of enough repairs that it would take a month or more, and much of their resources in order to get their ship space worthy.

The group has two messages on their ship comm. One from Admiral Manion, and one from Thakba the Hutt. Each of them has a job opportunity for the group. The group will have to decide which, if either, of these contacts they want to perform the job for.

The message from Manion says that she recognizes that the group’s ship is in quite a state of disrepair after their previous mission for her. Feeling guilty about this, and knowing that the repairs will take over a month and a significant portion of the resources the group made in working for her, Manion offers full repairs on their ship for free, and a loaner ship to use while they wait, should they agree to assist her on this mission, which is to retrieve an artifact of great value. She makes no threats if they refuse.

Thakba has no knowledge of what the group has been doing since he last spoke to them. He simply wants to extend another job opportunity to his favorite band of hired guns. His message is friendly, though as he recounts the few details of the job that he is willing to leave on a message he clearly sounds angry. He doesn’t give specifics about payment, but says that taking this job would definitely be worth their time financially. Should the group be interested, they can simply contact him. They don’t need to return to Sleheyron to meet with him.

Ultimately the group, at the extreme urging of the droid smuggler Ash, decide that they want to respond to Thakba’s job offer. They contact him and attempt to negotiate terms of working for him. Among the terms are that they need a ship, as theirs is in poor shape. Additionally, they want Thakba to agree to paying for the repairs for the old ship in the meantime. Gruto, being the expert negotiator that he is, was successful in getting these demands met so the group headed to Sleheyron to drop off their ship and get the loaner ship from Thakba.

Once on Sleheyron, Thakba gives the group the details of the mission, which essentially boils down to going to Tatooine and recovering an ancient artifact from a man named Zygiri. Zygiri’s compound is located near Anchorhead 80 km south of Mos Eisley. After agreeing to the job and having the details, Thakba takes the group to their loaner ship, a shiny new YT-2400 Light Freighter. This ship has no serial numbers and no ID because Thakba does not want the ship, the mission, or anything involving this artifact to be traced back to him. The artifact is too valuable and too many people want. Thus anonymity is key.

As a parting command, Thakba tells the group to make certain that they do not visit that vile worm Jabba.

The group arrives at Tatooine and decides that for anonymity’s sake they would land at Mos Eisley and take a landspeeder to Anchorhead. On the drive, they come across a broken down speeder with two attractive human women and a man who is working to repair the speeder. The group assumes it is a trap but stops to help, with guns drawn. When the women aren’t receptive to help by these gun toting sojourners, they simply drive away. But within a few hundred meters, they fall under heavy fire from attacking Tusken Raiders. The group is forced to head back to where the broken down speeder was where they can find cover. The two groups fend off the attack, though Gruto is very upset that the speeder has taken some damage and he doens’t think he will get his deposit back.

During all of this, Ash is serving as the speeder pilot. He assures the group that he knows the way right to Anchorhead. He leads them to a place that doens’t look quite like a settlement. It turns out to be Jabba’s palace. The group is brought inside, Ash is detained, and the rest of the group is allowed to leave.

The group heads to Anchorhead, sans Ash, and decides that the best thing to do is to spend the night and start their mission in the morning. So they make it to Anchorhead and get a few rooms at an upscale hotel called The Sidi Driss Inn.

The next morning, as the group heads down for breakfast before starting their mission to head to Zygiri’s and locate the artifact, they find Ash standing in the hallway waiting for them. He has no recollection of anything that took place since landing on Tatooine. Tizwik ran some computer diagnostics and was able ascertain that Ash had been given a brand new memory core and that there was some dormant code implanted, but he couldn’t distinguish what it was and was unable to remove it.

The group takes their landspeeder to Zygiri’s compound and when they get there, it is engulfed in flames and almost completely burned to the ground. As they search around, they find many dead bodies, including Zygiri’s, and they realize that Jabba has extracted the information from Ash’s memory core and has already sent a team here to retrieve the artifact.

As they set to leave and figure out their next move, a speed comes racing up, stops short, and a group of heavily armed mercenaries jumps out.

And this is where the session ended.

Only Two Ways Home, Part 2
Session 7

This was a short evening, primarily dedicated to learning the intricacies of space combat. Only Ash and Avir were present. The session itself was fairly short, as Avir decided that instead of boarding the capital ship Agarix and disabling it from inside, due to interference from the ion cloud that would block the ship’s sensors from detecting the group’s ship, he would fly right up behind it and take out the hyperdrive compartment from the outside. Avir adeptly piloted the ship to the best location, opened fire, and made short work of the _Agarix_’s hyperdrive, safely completing the mission without any casualties.

However, Avir almost didn’t make the escape. The group’s ship suffered heavy damage as the Agarix opened fire and sent some TIE squadrons out to destroy the attacking freighter. After taking out the first TIE squadron, Avir was able to jump into hyperspace and escape while his ship had 0 hull trauma remaining. The required repairs would be extensive, costing in the tens of thousands of credits. But the mission was a success. Avir contacted Admiral Manion, she thanked he and his crew for their service, and assured them that the Empire appreciated their service.

Only Two Ways Home
Session 6

While on Nal Hutta, where the group settled in briefly after dropping Imik and Seng (the NPC’s from the previous adventure) with new identities and a new career in the Nal Hutta Swooprace Circuit, the group began to look for more work. They were stationed in Bilbousa, the capital, and have made themselves frequent patrons of the local mid-scale cantina, The Jewel.

Ash decided to begin to look for work, and in asking around, found a Twi’lek named Mooloo, a jobs broker, who had an offer to pitch to the group. He asked that they meet him at their ship in two hours’ time. During this two hours, Tizwik purchased an upgrade (downgrade) to the ship that Avir refused to allow to be installed. Said upgrade is being stored in the ship’s cargo hold, taking up 75 of the 165 available encumbrance.

The group received its first payment from Seng Windrunner (85 credits) as the spoils of war from his first race on Nal Hutta. Gruto sold five blaster rifles and a case of Sleheyron Reserve. The group’s financial concerns seemed to be turning around.

When Avir and Gruto met with Mooloo, they learned that the job came from Admiral Manion of the Imperial Star Destroyer Praetorian who was looking for a crew to track down a rogue Imperial ship and disable its hyperdrive. Apparently, the captain of said ship, Kitano, had fallen into religious zealotry and started a cult, the Knights of Humanity’s Glory. This is a cult of only humans, who see the ultimate blasphemy as artificial intelligence (aka, droids).

Avir and Gruto decide they need to meet with the rest of the group and talk this over. They agree to meet Mooloo the next morning to give their answer. When they get to the junkyard where Tizwik was working on the piece of junk upgrade he bought for the ship, upon realizing that Gruto had made a bunch of money, Tizwik runs off and spends even more of it on the ship, this time on an upgraded targeting array. Avir approves this upgrade and it is installed.

The next morning, the group agrees to fly up to Admiral Manion’s star destroyer and hear what she has to say. Despite pitiful attempts at negotiating, and arguing from a position of weakness, the group ultimately convinces Manion to double her offer, giving them 10,000 credits for the job. She pays them in advance, certain that they would not be foolish enough to renege on their deal.

Because they are trying to infiltrate a human only cult, the group decides to purchase a smuggler’s cargo hold that could mask the life signs of those hidden inside so that Avir could infiltrate the cult and then the others could sneak off the ship to disable the hyperdrive on Kitano’s vessel. This means that they are, yet again, spend more money in order to accomplish a mission.

Once they have finished blowing all their cash, the group flies to the Crackull System where Kitano is said to be holed up. They have to choose between three hyperspace drop points and then several possible locations for Kitano to be hiding. Miraculously, they chose to drop out of hyperspace in the middle of a major ion cloud, and they just happened to have dropped out near the location of Kitano’s ship. The group began to devise their plan, but time ran out, and the assault or infiltration will pick up two weeks hence.

Everyone received 15 xp for the adventure.

Hunter and Hunted, Parts 1 and 2
Sessions 4 and 5

I don’t remember the exact dates of these two sessions, and don’t recall all the details, as we didn’t write adventure summaries at the time. But I wanted to include them for posterity’s sake.

The basic summary is that a Sullastan named Imik Suum asked the group to help rescue his friend, famous swoop-jockey Seng Windrunner. He had been taken captive by Imperial Lieutenant Herkin. The group agrees to help, but nothing is ever easy for them.

As they attempted to scout out Herkin’s ship at the spaceport, Tizwik was captured and Herkin got away. Tizwik was successful, however, in planting a homing beacon on Herkin’s Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle, and Avir was able to fly casual and follow behind.

Eventually they ended up at the planet Rodia. They landed at the spaceport and took a boat to a small hunting camp run by an old retired Rodain bounty hunter named Goova Oonta. This camp allows people to come spend their money to be taken out to hunt some of the toughest beasts in the galaxy.

As the group some searching and sniffing, what they find is that there are at least rumors that this place might offer a “sentient hunt.” They begin to suspect that Seng and Tizwik are going to be prey for this hunt.

After doing some asking around through back-channels, the group does get signed up for this highly illegal hunt, of which Goova Oonta knows nothing, but her son Moxo seems to be running with Herkin. Goova’s duaghter, Plateena, knows nothing for certain of this illegal business, but she has suspect it for a while and strongly disapproves.

The group sets out on the hunt, they do eventually find and rescue both Tizwik and Seng. They escape back to Mos Oolat Dahl on Sleheyron where Imik and Seng ask for one more favor. They ask for transportation elsewhere and aid in forming new identities. The group agrees to help, taking them to Nal Hutta and setting them up with new identities so that Seng can make a living on the swoop circuit there. Avir negotiated that they would provide this service, but in return they were official sponsors of the team and therefore got a percentage of all of Seng’s winnings. Seng and Imik gratefully agreed, and that was the end of this two-part adventure.

A Debt to Pay, Part 2
Session 3

As Avir and Tizwik return from shooting down the air speeder, the rest of the party is scouring video surveillance on the mine’s computer system. Discovering that a ship had recently landed at Landing Pad B they decide to head that way to see if it is still there, as the tape cuts off 3 hours previous.

On the way they encounter an astromech droid and 2 load lifter droids. Gruto, being a bit jumpy, fires a shot at the floor near the astromech droid as it moves to confront them. This prompts the Load Lifter droids to attack. The result is one flattened Ash droid. Meanwhile the Bith leads the load lifters outside (where he sees that the ship is still on landing pad B), and then outruns them back into the station, locking them outside.

About then Tizwik and Avir arrive, and Tizwik does what he can for Ash with his tools, and the aid of an emergency repair kit, but Ash is too damaged to revive, so they decide to drag him to the next room where an oil bath awaits. In the process they discover yet another dead humanoid in the oil bath.

Leaving Ash behind the remaining party continue towards the mine entrance looking for any survivors. At the entrance room they encounter several battle droids, a load lifter, and a few other droids working peacefully. Ignoring them they continue into the mine on two carts that were stationed in the entrance. After a frustrating cart ride (for Tizwik), they come to a makeshift barricade with light coming from behind. It is here they make contact with a group of surviving miners, and eventually convince them to return with them back to the upper levels.

In the mine entrance room they find the administrative droid that had been helping them has now been deactivated with some obvious laser blasts to the chest plate. The other droids that were working have now disappeared. Strange.

The group goes back to the oil bath room where they wait for Ash to awaken. They also check the landing pad for the ship but find that it has now departed. Tizwik rushes back to the Nostramo to make sure it’s safe. It is.

After Ash wakes up the group decides to head to the office to look for a hidden safe.

In the next room they encounter a horde of droids with nefarious intentions.

A quick firefight ensues in which half of the remaining surviving miners get killed by a load lifter. Eventually the group prevails, however, albeit with one critically injured miner. The miners, along with Gruto, move to a nearby room where a medical droid can help them with the injured person. Gruto, Tizwik and Ash head to the office. Once at the office they conduct a thorough search for the hidden safe, eventually finding one that had been expertly hidden under the desk, disguised as a safe under a desk.

Ash uses all his available neural network to attempt an unauthorized opening of the safe and is surprisingly successful. Inside are found many credits. As they are inspecting the contents the Avir arrives with the miners, who seem to take exception to the group’s obvious plan of absconding with ALL the credits back to the Hutt.

After a short negotiation, some fees are paid to the miners, and the entire group crams onto the Nostramo for the trip back to Bargos the Hutt’s palace on Sleheyron.

Bargos is pleased with the group. After the Hutt excuses the group with his thanks and some spending cash, he then goes about his business with the miner’s leader, which included some rather harsh administrative action on the Hutt’s part that the party wisely chooses to ignore as they exit.

The group then returns to Mos Oolat Dahl, the largest spaceport on Sleheyron, to Thakba the Hutt’s palace reporting on their dealings. He too is pleased and frees them from their obligation to him in this regard.

Off to the Cantina for some drinks.


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