The Crackull System is a virtually unknown system (created by C. Steven Ross, author of the “Only Two Ways Home” adventure) where a rogue Imperial officer, Captain Kitano, attempted to hide his stolen Imperial Escort Frigate, the Agarix.

Captain Kitano had formed a cult called the Knights of Humanity’s Glory. He was dissatisfied with the presence of non-humans in the Empire, but was particularly offended at the presence of artificial intelligence- droids. Kitano had become somewhat attuned to the force and sought to expand the power of this new religion in order to destroy those who commit the blasphemy of allowing droids and aliens to serve as equals to humans.

Imperial Admiral Manion tasked our group to track down Kitano and the Agarix, disable its hyperdrive, and then report to her so that she could recover the capital ship and arrest its rogue crew. Luckily the Crackull System lies in the midst of a large ion nebula, making it easy for our group to sneak up on the Agarix and disable it.

Beyond the use of this system by the Knights of Humanity’s Glory, there is a small presence of pirates in the area, and not much else of note.


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