Rodia is a hot, humid planet of tropical jungles and sprawling cities that is located in the Tyrius System of the Savareen Sector in the Outer Rim part of the galaxy. Rodia is home to the Rodian people, known to be a race of proud hunters.

Our group’s adventures led them to the An’yettu Islands in the Wesessa Sea. The group landed in the major spaceport on the islands before traveling by skiff to the hunting lodge of Goova Oonta. Goova Oonta is a retired bounty hunger who now operates a hunting lodge which promises to provide each of its guests with the most thrilling big game hunt of their life.

Goova’s two children, Moxo and Plateena, help to run the lodge, and Moxo runs a nefarious side business of his own. He is in league with Lieutenant Herkin who helps to capture sentient beings to bring for an exclusive, and illegal sentient hunt.

Tizwik the Jawa mechanic of the group was one of those taken captive by Herkin as was Seng Windrunner, the kidnapped Swoop Jockey the group had been hired to rescue.

Plateena suspected that her brother Moxo was up to no good and, mainly due to the charms of Gruto, the Bith merchant, aided in recovering both Tizwik and Seng. While the group was successful in their mission, Goova’s hunting lodge is still in operation, and it is unknown as to whether they still offer their sentient hunts.

For more information on the planet of Rodia as a whole, see its Wookipedia page.


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