Located in the heart of Hutt Space, Sleheyron was the home of Thakba the Hutt, who served as a primary contact for our group early in their adventures. That is, until the group dropped a YT-2400 Light Freighter on his head, ending both his life and his ability to provide jobs to the group.

Thakba was stationed in Mos Oolat Dahl, the largest city on Sleheyron at the time. But the large planet is controlled by Hutts in every city, town, or village. Another such Hutt that the group encountered was the destitute and near powerless Bargos the Hutt. Having won a mining colony from Thakba in a card game, Bargos needed someone to go to said colony and find out why it had stopped producing ore and making him money.

The group was commissioned by Thakba to do this and were successful in their mission to retrieve money and find out what was wrong at the mining colony. This concluded their business with Bargos and earned the group favor with Thakba, which also led to the group establishing a sort of base of operations out of Thakba’s palace/casino.

Slehyeron is also home to the famous Sleheyron Reserve liquor that Gruto, the Bith entrepreneur has been peddling across the galaxy.

For more information on the history of Sleheyron, see its Wookiepedia page.


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