A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars: Edge of Petoskey

Somewhere in Hutt Space, a highly trained and dangerous band of adventurers patrols the stars, keeping the skies above and the planets below safe from the worst sorts of scum and villainy lurking in the Outer Rim…

This isn’t their story.

Elsewhere in Hutt Space flies an inept crew of misfits, a rag-tag bunch of varied species and qualifications, barely scraping together enough from their (sometimes legal, sometimes not) jobs to cover the expenses incurred by the work itself. But, whatever. They’re having fun, sometimes. When they aren’t getting blown up by suicidal Twi’lek Bounty Hunters, or having their arms disintegrated by a rogue Imperial Shuttle. Sometimes they do things right. Not usually. But on occasion.

Theirs is our tale.

The crew includes Ash, the most highly sophisticated Droid Smuggler in the Outer Rim:

Avir, the dashing and roguish Corellian pilot of unclear motives and principles:

Aeric, the very angry and deadly Shistavanen Bounty Hunter:

Gruto, the Bith trader and merchant who insists he isn’t a performer:

Tizwik, the force-sensitive Jawa mechanic exile:

And the newest member of the crew, Drago, the ever intimidating Nautolan Enforcer:

The galaxy will never be the same.

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