Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Imperial Pleasure Cruise

Session 11

Given that Ash is at least temporarily not among the sentient, Howard took over as GM and Mike joined the ranks of players, making a Nautolan Hired Gun Enforcer to join the fray.

Immediately following the events of last session, while sitting in the clearing on Nimban, a large shuttle comes and lands. One hundred Imperial Storm Troopers descend the ramp, double-file. After they form a large circle around the group, a familiar face comes down and the unreasonably attractive Admiral Manion stands before them.

This time, Manion isn’t happy and she isn’t pleasant. She demands that they come with her to do a job, or they die.

Once the group is aboard the Star Destroyer Praetorian they are taken to an unfamiliar star system and told that their job is to board a derelict Star Destroyer floating on a collision course with a planet. Their mission is to recover an artifact and implode (under no circumstances are they to explode) the Star Destroyer.

The group is introduced to another prisoner, the stunningly handsome, but ruggedly intimidating Nautolan named Drago. They are all put in space suits, loaded on a shuttle, and sent to the Star Destroyer.

After arriving on the Star Destroyer, they realize that there is no power, no gravity, and no way to control anything. The group begins to search around and make their way through the ship. They are soon met by a fierce group of creatures wearing storm trooper armor but acting more like they are super-humanoid.

A battle ensues. Avir loses an arm. The group wins the battle, but then the power comes on and gravity resumes, causing all of the debris floating in the ship to crash down on the group. Aeric is critically wounded and needs immediate medical attention. But the rest of the group fared pretty well.

Drago suggests trying to find the med bay to heal the hurt companions before continuing with the quest. The group agrees and they set out to the nearest bounce tube. On their way, they attempt to stop at the armory, but that floor is unnavigable. They also run into a giant wall of ooze, mushrooms, and spores. Drago hacks through it and they continue on, but now the group knows that this is going to be even worse than they anticipated.

They take the bounce tube up and stop at the the storm troopers’ barracks. At this point, the lights go back off and gravity is lost again. They find nothing of use in the barracks so they break through the ceiling of the bounce tube and traverse the shaft to make it to the level with the med bay. Aeric is patched up as best as he can be, but remains unconscious, and the rest of the group tends to their more minor wounds as well- except for Avir, whose wound isn’t fatal at this point, but is certainly beyond repair in their current circumstances.

The session ended here.



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