Admiral Manion


Admiral Manion is the admiral of the Imperial Star Destroyer Praetorian who employed our gang of adventurers for the task of infiltrating an Imperial Escort Frigate that was stolen by its commander as he used it for a base for his new anti-droid cult. The group was tasked with disabling its hyperdrive so that Manion and her forces could recover the capital ship and detain the rogue officer.

After this successful mission, Manion contacted the group with a request to recover a very valuable artifact hidden on Tatooine. The group decided to not take her up on the offer. So whenever she met them again, she was a little less kind.

“I gave you a choice to work for us on the last mission, you declined, then went on to fail the mission. Now I’m not giving you a choice. I have a really shitty job for you and I don’t care if you survive or not!” She barks. “But I can guarantee that you will NOT survive if you try to escape before this job is finished.”

Admiral Manion proceeded to arrest the party and force them into a suicide mission to recover an artifact aboard a derelict Star Destroyer and to then implode the capital ship before it crashes into the Sith prison colony planet that lies directly in its path.


Admiral Manion

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