Thakba the Hutt



Thakba the Hutt was a middling crime lord on the planet Sleheyron, in Hutt Space. He was a major contact for our adventuring party, offering numerous jobs and decent pay.

The final mission which he offered to our adventurers was his ultimate demise. After asking the group to retrieve a very valuable and coveted artifact from Tatooine, his last words were, “Stay away from that vile worm Jabba!” Unfortunately, Ash, the Smuggler Droid, had some latent programming forcing him to immediately go to Jabba the Hutt once he was on Tatooine. After a series of events, the group was left without the artifact, and with a job offer from Jabba to return to Sleheyron and kill Thakba.

Several factors contributed to the group’s willingness to accept this offer, not the least of which was the desire to not return the YT-2400 Light Freighter which they had on loan from Thakba. So the group devised a plan to lie to Thakba that they had acquired and were returning the artifact. Once they had him out in the open they would kill him.

Thakba’s final sight was that of his own YT-2400 dropping square on his head.


Thakba the Hutt

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