Northern Michigan Star Wars Nerd Nights

Medieval Times Part 2

Session 13

Picking up where we left off, our group of heroes was gathered before a council of the red, squid-faced aliens on whose planet they had landed. The council informed them that they fulfilled a prophecy about people who would come from the sky and told the group that their only hope of ever leaving the planet would be to head into the ancient catacombs and find out what has been causing the unrest within.

The group, not interested in any squid prophecies, but definitely interested in leaving this planet, agreed to enter the catacombs, hoping to find some means of escape. Instead, they found a large room with a magnetic ceiling, hallways filled with weird mist, and another room with a few large half man/half bantha-like creatures. Having to fight their way past, Avir volunteered to sacrifice his one remaining arm to procure a means for the group to gain passage through the room. The bad news is that he now has no hands to hold a milkshake (or a blaster), but the group did make it through.

One of the quirks of this planet has been the strange affect it seems to be having on Tizwik, who has transformed from the group’s smelly rat-like mechanic into a powerful and perhaps twisted purveyor of the powers of the Force. What is unclear, other than Tizwik’s gender, is whether she is tapping into the light or dark side of the Force. Whichever it may be, something on this planet seems to be magnifying her powers, much to the benefit of the otherwise handicapped party.

After some exploring in these catacombs, the group happened upon a place that looks to have been used- at some point- for a temple. Everything now, however, is old and decayed, and it would appear that no one has worshiped here in many, many moons.

Most of the adventure was spent exploring the catacombs and trying to find a way to escape. When the session ended, Drago had just passed through a waterfall to find a large room beyond with growing palm trees inside and the group was formulating a plan of action with regards to how to get down from the waterfall ledge to said room below.



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